• Partnership for Improved Regional Collaboration
    Partnership for Improved Regional Collaboration
    On October 1, 2017 the Greater Nashville Regional Council became the sponsor agency for the Nashville Area MPO. This marked the end to 14 months of work between the GNRC and MPO leadership to evaluate ways for Middle Tennessee to better position itself to address our contiuned growth and regional planning needs. Learn more about the process and benefits to the region.
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  • Have Questions?
    Have Questions?
    Transportation in Middle Tennessee is a hot topic, and there are a lot of questions about how transportation plans are developed and projects implemented. Learn more about the planning process and find answers to frequently asked questions.
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  • Freight and Goods Movement Study
    Freight and Goods Movement Study
    The Nashville Area MPO has recently complete the third phase of its Freight and Goods Movement Study for Middle Tennessee. Learn more about how the region's freight infrastructure impacts our economy and recommeded strategies to improve our freight transportation system.
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  • Regional Transportation Plan
    Regional Transportation Plan
    Find out how city and county leaders from around Middle Tennessee plan to invest in our transportation system over the next 25 years.
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  • Our environment is the single most important factor in determining our health.
    Our environment is the single most important factor in determining our health.
    Learn more about the way our communities are designed and the relationship between our transportation systems and health.
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  • Why Managed Lanes?
    Why Managed Lanes?
    Across the U.S., transportation agencies face both growing congestion and a limited ability to expand freeway capacity. These limitations have led to innovative solutions to improve transportation networks, including managed lanes as a smart alternative to increasing capacity. When properly implemented, managed lanes allow agencies to improve safety and make the most effective and efficient use of existing freeway.
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About the MPO

The Nashville Area MPO leads in the development of the region's long-range transportation plan and short-range transportation improvement program through a partnership among the U.S. DOT, Tennessee DOT, local elected leadership, local planning and public works directors, the business community, and citizens across the Nashville region.

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News & Notes

  • March 16, 2018
  • Opinion: Could you imagine 'No Tax For Interstates'?   

    The year is 1956. Congress has just passed legislation to create the visionary Interstate Highway System.

    This new, stop-free mode of travel promised to revolutionize transit. However, what the engineers could not foresee was the degree to which America’s interstates would also shape the culture and economy of the country in the second half of the 20th century.

    In Nashville on May 1, we face a decision to approve another revolutionary plan for transit. This decision will almost certainly have the same radical and far-reaching significance on our Nashville culture in the 21st century as interstate highways had in the 20th.

  • March 14, 2018
  • Nashville MTA launches pilot program for new door-to-door service 

    Nashville MTA has launched pilot program “Access on Demand” that aims to give those with mobility constraints more options for their transportation.

    “Access on Demand” is similar to paratransit service “Access Ride,” but takes it one step further.

    It’s a door-to-door taxi service, with no additional pick-ups or stops.

    It also cuts down the reservation time from 24 to two hours prior to the desired pick-up time.

    Amanda Clelland, Public Information Officer for Nashville MTA, said the pilot helps close the gap for those who can’t drive and gives them more independence.


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