Joint Committee on Regional Coordination

In August 2016, the executive boards of the Nashville Area MPO and the Greater Nashville Regional Council (GNRC) entered into a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) that established a framework for the two organizations to explore ways to enhance coordination among local communities and between regional organizations in Middle Tennessee. As part of that agreement, a joint committee was created to develop recommendations for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of regional decision-making and to better align transportation planning programs with other regional activities related to economic development, infrastructure investment, and quality of life.

This webpage serves as a resource to members of the Joint Committee, stakeholders, and members of the public who have an interest in the process.

Committee Members

The committee includes appointments by GNRC Chairman Mayor Ken Moore (City of Franklin) and MPO Chairman Mayor Hutto (Wilson County) and is co-chaired by Mayor Kim McMillian (City of Clarksville) and Mayor Mary Esther Reed (Town of Smyrna). The committee includes representation from the GNRC, the Nashville Area MPO, the Clarksville Urbanized Area MPO, the Middle Tennessee RPO, and the largest cities located within each Census-defined urbanized area of the region.

The purpose of the Joint Committee is to study options and develop recommendations for improving coordination and decision-making across Middle Tennessee according to a set of shared goals. Members serve on the committee to find opportunites that are mutually beneficial to both organizations and their respective local community.


Materials and Resources

General Information

- Key Terms Defined: COG, Development District, MPO, RPO

- Shared Goals for Improving Regional Coordination

- Memorandum of Agreement between MPO and GNRC

- Joint Committee Members and Key Partners

- Proposed Study Phases and Schedule


Meeting Agenda Packets & Notes

Kickoff Meeting

-Agenda Packet - October 11, 2016

-Kickoff Meeting Notes


Meeting #2

-Agenda Packet - October 25, 2016

-Meeting #2 Notes


Meeting #3

-Agenda Packet - December 14, 2016

-David Warm Presentation

-Meeting #3 Notes


Meeting #4

-Agenda Packet - Feburary 2, 2017

-Meeting #4 Notes


Meeting #5

-Agenda Packet -March 29, 2017

-FAQ Document

-Meeting #5 Notes


Meeting #6

-Agenda Packet - April 11, 2017

-Meeting #6 Notes


Review of Middle Tennessee Organizations

- Overview of Regional Organizations in Middle Tennessee

- Side by Side Comparison of MPO and GNRC


The Third Wave: Trends in Regional Governance

National Association of Regional Councils

National Association of Development Organizations



If you have questions or would like more information about the work of the Joint Committee on Regional Coordination contact Michelle Lacewell (MPO) and Michael Skipper (GNRC) at:



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