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The Tennessee Department of Transportation Project Planning Division is responsible for the management, development, and planning of all Travel Data Operations and Short Range Planning, Conceptual Planning, NEPA Planning Guidelines, and all statewide project planning studies for State, Federal and local federal aid highways and the Highway Rail Grade Crossing Program. The Division administers the following traffic county tools.

Traffic Count Projections

The MPO is currently in the process of updating its predictions for future traffic volumes in the greater Nashville region. Stay tune for more information about future traffic projections.

Future Congestion

The following maps depict present-day levels of congestion and the prediction for levels of congestion in the year 2035. The analysis presented here represents reoccurring daily congestion based on roadway volumes and speeds and does not take into account other major causes of congestion such as traffic incidents. Read more about the MPO's Congestion Management process.

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