2011 Regional Mass Transit Summit

May 25, 2011 | War Memorial Auditorium | Nashville, TN

The 2011 POWER OF TEN Regional Summit was held in Nashville Tennessee on May 25th, 2011 at the War Memorial Auditorium. A record number of approximately 400 regional and state leaders attended, with over 500 registered for the event. The focus centered on our key regional topics of Transportation/Transit, Land Use/Quality Growth and Sustainable Development, Infrastructure, Open Space Conservation, Infrastructure and Economic Competitiveness.

The event brought together Cumberland Region Tomorrow and the Nashville Area MPO as Co-Hosts and a bevy of other partner organizations. A total of 41+ public and private organizations provided direct or in-kind support that made the event extremely successful. The 2011 Summit Leadership Team consisted of Gary Scott - CRT Summit Chair, Sam Hatcher - CRT Regional Communications Chair, Michael Skipper - Nashville Area MPO, Charles Bone - CRT/Transit Alliance of Middle Tennessee, and Bridget Jones - CRT.

Summit Recap

Keynote Speakers

The 2011 Regional Summit provided the opportunity to learn from National and Regional Keynote Speakers. Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper and Envision Utah Executive Director Alan Matheson shared great information about these peer region's successful collaborative efforts that are solving complicated regional issues and how Middle Tennessee can transform its transit options and improve regional sustainability efforts. Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam was in attendance to introduce Governor Hickenlooper. Michael Skipper, Executive Director of the Nashville Area MPO led an interactive electronic session with our audience on regional issues.

Regional Panel

Middle Tennessee Leaders Panelists representing the six regional issue constituencies provided insights on how Middle Tennessee is addressing each issue and made recommendations for additional work to be accomplished.

Federal Panel

Following our local panel, Federal Panelists provided important updates about DOT, HUD, EPA Federal Sustainable Communities Initiatives and funding opportunities that can advance Middle Tennessee collaborative efforts.

Mayor Dean Calls Region to Action

Following the Federal Panel, Nashville Mayor Karl Dean's Call to Action included the formation of a POWER OF TEN Coalition to take the lead on regional visioning, planning and implementation that will allow Middle Tennessee to take advantage of regional, state and federal opportunities.

Annual Awards

The 2011 Regional Summit ended with our Annual Awards for Regional Thinking and Action given to Susan Turner Taylor, Executive Director of Leadership Middle Tennessee and Gallatin Mayor Jo Ann Graves, Founding Chair of the Middle Tennessee Mayors Caucus, for their important leadership contributions in creating regional leadership capacity in the public and private sectors across Middle Tennessee.

Keynote Speaker Biographies

The Honorable John Hickenlooper- Governor of Colorado

As Mayor of Denver in 2009, Governor Hickenlooper had a great impact upon Middle Tennessee when he told Nashville Chmaber leaders about the Denver Region's successful Mayors Caucus that led to Mayor Karl Dean's call for the formation of the Middle Tennessee Mayors Caucus at the 2009 Regional Summit.

John Hickenlooper ran for Governor of Colorado on a platform to make Colorado the best place for entrepreneurs to grow jobs. He promised a balanced budget plan without raising taxes and a regulatory philosophy that would support economic development while maintaining the highest environmental standards.

Governor Hickenlooper has a track record of bringing people together to solve problems instead of stroking the same old partisan squabbles. Despite shrinking budgets and managing the city through two national recessions, a recent citizen survey found that Denver's overall community quality rating improved to 86 percent in 2010 from 78 percent in 2002.

Read More about Governor Hickenlooper at www.colorado.gov

Alan Matheson- Executive Director of Envision Utah

The work of Envision Utah has greatly informed our region's successful Regional Visioning Project, Quality Growth Toolbox Planning and Implementation efforts across Middle Tennessee.

Alan Matheson, Jr. became the Executive Director of Envision Utah in 2004. In that role, he oversees implementation of a publicly developed quality growth strategy designed to keep Utah beautiful, prosperous, healthy, and neighborly for future generations.

Under Matheson's direction, Envision Utah has developed and managed several local and multi-county visioning processes. The focus of these processes is broad public involvement, advanced technical analysis, and practical implementation strategies. Matheson is a frequent speaker at national conferences and has consulted with several regions around the country seeking to address the challenges of growth.

Read More about Envision Utah at: www.envisionutah.org