The Nashville Area MPO encourages public and stakeholder review and comment on regional planning documents. Please visit this page often to view DRAFT and FINAL versions of study documents.


08.11.11 Final Report (PDF)
12.20.10 Mid- and Long-term initial Recommendations Presentation (PDF)
12.20.10 Area Station Development (PDF)
12.20.10 Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Optimization- Mid-term (PDF)
07.08.10 Detailed Analysis Results Presentation (PDF)
11.19.09 2nd Corridor Public Workshops Presentation (PDF)
01.19.10 DRAFT Technical Memo #5 - Evaluation of Alternatives (PDF)
06.03.09 Transportation Evaluation Methodology (PDF)
11.26.08 Draft Transit Alternatives
07.03.08 Character District Workshops Presentation (PDF)
07.03.08 East Nashville Public Input Map (PDF)
07.03.08 Madison & Goodlettsville Public Input Map (PDF)
07.03.08 Hendersonville Public Input Map (PDF)
07.03.08 Gallatin Public Input Map (PDF)
04.08.08 Corridor Workshop #1 Presentation (PDF)
03.08.08 Project Update (PDF)
03.11.08 DRAFT Technical Memo #1- Public Involvement Plan ( PDF)
03.14.08 Press Release: Public Workshops Announced (PDF)
03.14.08 BRT Vehicle Catalog (PDF)
03.14.08 Project Schedule (PDF)
03.14.08 Steering Committee Roster (PDF)
03.14.08 Nashville Area MPO Boundary Map (PDF)
03.14.08 Project Organizational Chart (PDF)
03.14.08 Project Area Map (PDF)


Nashville Area Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)


Agency Resources
Nashville Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO)
Greater Nashville Regional Council (GNRC)
Regional Transportation Authority (RTA)
Nashville Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA)
Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT)
Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)
Federal Transit Administration (FTA)

Other Resources
National Bus Rapid Transit Institute
American Public Transportation Association
Cumberland Region Tomorrow