2030 Long Range Transportation Plan

The MPO's last regional transportation plan, adopted in October 2005, provided a vision for transportation through the year 2030. As adopted, the program provided nearly $3.5 billion worth of projects for the greater Nashville region over a 25-year period. The 2030 Plan was replaced with the 2035 Regional Transportation Plan adopted in December 2010.

Regional Goals

Goal 1: Link Land Use & Transportation

Encourage local governments to develop land use policies and plans that enhance the quality of life and that recognize the relationship between land use and the transportation system of the transportation system.

Goal 2: Regional Mobility through a Multi-modal System

Achieve enhanced mobility by providing an intermodal and multimodal transportation system that supports safe, efficient and convenient travel options for the movement of people and goods.

Goal 3: Reduce Congestion

Address traffic congestion through strategies that seek first to reduce vehicle-trip demand and second, to increase the operating capacity of the existing and planned transportation system.

Goal 4: Relationship between Transportation, Air Quality & Energy Conservation

Maintain and improve the quality of the natural environment through the implementation of transportation policies and programs that reduce vehicle emissions and energy demand.

Goal 5: Manage Financial Resources Efficiently

The regional transportation plan and the implementation of the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) must be based on an effective evaluation and screening process that considers cost (capital, operating and maintenance) constraints in selecting the highest priority short and long-range improvements and programs.

List of Amendments

Amendment # LRTP # Project Action MPO Approval TDOT Approval FHWA Approval
2009-001 #1151 Consolidated Rental Car Facility (BNA) New Project 11-3-07 12-4-08  

Map of Projects

Note: The following map depicts roadway projects included in the long-range transportation plan. The map does not depict the alignment, proposed or approved, of any future roadway or roadway widening project. Neither the map nor the plan guarantee that projects will be funded and constructed. The plan presents only a conceptual illustration of projects as adopted to form a unified vision for transportation across the region.

Download the KML for use in Google Earth or use the web application below. Zoom in to find projects. Check boxes to view projects by horizon year. Click on projects to view specific information. Information cannot be viewed when MPO boundary is on.

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