Transit and Technology Grant Program

The MPO's long-range vision for transportation places an emphasis on the deployment as a way of improving the effectiveness and efficienty of area transportoin infrastrcuture and serices.

The Transit and Technology Grant Program was created by the MPO's 2040 Regional Transportation Plan (RTP), adopted by the Transportation Policy Board in February 2016, to help accelerate the deployment of emerging technologies and 21st centry transit options that contribute to improved regional mobility.

The 2040 RTP identifies approximately $132 million in federal funds for the program over a 25 year period. Funding is awarded to projects through the MPO Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) in 3 to 5-year intervals.

Notice of Funding Availability


The Greater Nashville Regional Council (GNRC) is accepting proposals from eligible applicants with ideas to help Middle Tennessee accelerate the deployment technology to improve regional mobility. The MPO's current Transportation Improvement Program includes $20 million set aside for a Transit and Technology Grant Program. Approximately 25% of that fund is available for this call-for-projects.

Eligible Applicants

Public-sector entities located within the metropolitan planning area including municipal governments, county governments, state agencies, highway departments, and public transit agencies; Colleges and universities; Private sector organizations including community-based non-profits and for-profit companies focused on technology, transportation, research, or civic engagement. GNRC will serve as project sponsor for any awards made to private sector entities. Nothing in this notice shall preclude the GNRC from serving as a project partner.

Eligible Projects

Programs or projects meeting eligibility requirements for the Federal Highway Administration Surface Transportation Block Grant (STBG) Program that deploy a technology solution for the purposes of 1) promoting or implementing transportation demand management strategies, or 2) elevating civic engagement in regional transportation planning and decision-making.

Matching Fund Requirements

The grant requires at least a 20 percent match from a non-federal source of revenue. Applicants will be required to provide a letter from the principal elected official or chief executive of the organization certifying that matching funds are available.

Application Instructions

GNRC is requiring the submission of a project abstract from prospective applicants prior to the completion of an application. This process will help ensure that applicants and projects both meet the eligibility requirements and intent of the program prior to full submission.

Abstracts are due to by February 8 and should include no more than 3 typed letter-sized pages. Each abstract should consist of a description of the proposed project, schedule for implementation, anticipated benefits to the region. Each abstract must also include an estimated dollar amount that will be requested from the grant and the amount and source of the required local match.

GNRC will review abstracts to determine project eligibility. All applicants will be informed of this determination by February 18th. Eligible applicants will then be provided a full application package and further instructions.

Evaluation Criteria

Projects will be evaluated using the following criteria:

Readiness - How quickly can the project be implemented?

Innovation - To what extent does the project incorporate new ideas or technologies?

Sustainability/ Scalability - How will the project be sustained after grant funds are exhausted? To what extent does the project demonstrate a solution that can be expanded in the future?

Private Sector Participation - To what extent does the project leverage participation or funding from the business community?

Regional Impact - What is the net positive impact on the region? What segments of the population or sectors of the economy will benefit from the investment?

In addition, priority will be given to projects or programs benefiting communities within the U.S. Census defined Nashville-Davidson Urbanized Area and Murfreesboro Urbanized Area.

Application Schedule

January 16, 2019- Call for projects issued by Transportation Policy Board

February 8 - Project abstract due to

February 18 - Application packages sent to those invited to apply

March 15 - Applications due


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