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Congestion Management Process

A Coordinated Approach for Proactively Addressing Traffic Congestion

The MPO's Congestion Management Process sets forth planning objectives to effectively improve transportation system capacity while managing traffic congestion into the future. The CMP offers tools and methods for tracking transportation-system data such as travel times and traffic counts, and most importantly, offers a set of multi-modal solutions for addressing the growing problem of traffic congestion in our region.

Congestion Management Process

Congestion Management Resources

Tier II Reports

An identification of congestion and evaluation of possible solutions for specific transportation corridors.

LRTP # Project Status Initiated By County Letter of Approval
1008 Bosley Springs Connector Completed Nashville Metro Davidson 2-13-08pdf
1049 Nolensville Road Completed TDOT Davidson 2-8-07pdf
1078 Central Pike In-Progress Nashville Metro Davidson n/a
4005 Jefferson Pike Completed TDOT Rutherford 2-8-07pdf
4013 Waldron Road Completed LaVergne Rutherford 2-8-07pdf
4030 Thompson Lane Completed TDOT Rutherford 8-1-07pdf
4049 SR-96 In-Progress TDOT Rutherford n/a
5009 New Shackle Island Road Completed TDOT Sumner 8-1-07pdf
6005 Concord Road Completed TDOT Williamson 2-8-07pdf
6007 Franklin Road Completed TDOT Williamson 2-8-07pdf
6018 I-65 Completed TDOT Williamson 2-8-07pdf
6027 Columbia Avenue Completed TDOT Williamson 10-17-07pdf
6031 Franklin Road Completed TDOT Williamson 10-17-07pdf
6032 SR-106 In-Progress TDOT Williamson n/a
6034 SR-248 (Goose Creek Bypass) In-Progress TDOT Williamson n/a
6045 Mack Hatcher Pkwy West Completed TDOT Williamson 8-1-07pdf
6048 Mack Hatcher Pkwy East Completed TDOT Williamson 8-1-07pdf
6051 SR-96 Completed TDOT Williamson 11-17-07pdf
7028 SR-109 Completed TDOT Wilson 5-16-07pdf
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Congestion Management Process (CMP):

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