Congestion Management

The MPO's Congestion Management Process sets forth planning objectives to effectively improve transportation system capacity while managing traffic congestion into the future. The CMP offers tools and methods for tracking transportation-system data such as travel times and traffic counts, and most importantly, offers a set of multi-modal solutions for addressing the growing problem of traffic congestion in our region.

Future Congestion

The following maps depict present-day levels of congestion and the prediction for levels of congestion in the year 2035. The analysis presented here represents reoccurring daily congestion based on roadway volumes and speeds and does not take into account other major causes of congestion such as traffic incidents.

Congestion 2010

Congestion 2040

Congestion Management Publications

2015 TTI Urban Mobility Report

Produced every two years, this high-profile report presents the state of congestion in metropolitan areas across the nation.

map showing congestion: 2035

INRIX National Traffic Scorecard

See how the Nashville area ranks against other metro areas throughout the nation; plus maps and data.

map showing congestion: 2008

Traffic Congestion and Reliability:
Linking Solutions to Problems (2004)

map showing congestion: 2008

Traffic Congestion and Reliability:
Trends & Advanced Strategies for Congestion Mitigation (2005)
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