Major Roadway Network

There are more than 12,000 linear miles of roadways throughout the MPO planning area. That is about the same distanceone would cover by driving from Nashville to New York to California and back, twice. Of that, nearly 2,500 lane miles are eligible for federal funding made available through the MPO and TDOT.

Total Lane Miles by Federal Functional Classification and County (2014)

Current Major Roadway Networks

Proposed Modifications to the Major Roadway Network

Periodically, the MPO reassess the assigned functional classification of roadways throughout the planning area to ensure that the Major Roadway Network reflects changes in the region related to growth and development and travel behaviors. The functional classification of roadways defines the role each element of the roadway network plays in serving travel needs. The MPO is currently seeking requests for revisions to the functional classification of roadways throughout the region from MPO members. 

Instructions to Update the Major Roadway Networkpdf

Functional Classification Change Request Formpdf

Federal Aid Urban Boundry (FAUB)

A Federal Aid Urban Boundary (FAUB) is a boundary FHWA uses to distinguish between urban and rural areas. The FAUB is routinely adjusted to reflect changes in the region related to growth and development. Census urban areas are the building blocks and minimum size of the FAUB. From these urban areas a smoothing process is conducted that expands the census defined boundaries to better reflect local conditions.

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