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As communities continue to grow in the years ahead, the local and regional leaders are tasked with protecting and enhancing quality-of-life for the people who live here. To do so, we must establish priorities and develop a plan that allows us to achieve our goals - your goals - for future growth. Help us to gather reliable, unbiased information about your major concerns for the region today, and tomorrow, by taking a short survey, or two, or three.

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The MPO uses to administer web surveys. The service is convenient, safe, and confidential. Little to no personal information will ever be collected by the MPO. What minimum demographic information we may ask about you or your household will be used to help us to better understand your attitudes and behaviors as they relate to your surroundings. No personal information will ever be shared with any third-party vendors.

We will never ask you to provide your social security number, bank account information, or a credit card. Say no to any request for that information that appears to come from us!

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